How to Accompany Children Facing Parental Divorce

Like parents who decide to divorce, children can also feel a variety of emotions during divorce. Starting from surprised, sad, angry, worried, to frustration. So, even though Mother and Father are tired physically and emotionally through the divorce process, it is very important to stay with the child through this time. The child's reaction to divorce can vary. The younger brother may seem more receptive, while the older brother may rebel. All depends on the personality, age, divorce process, and conditions that occur during the separation. Minimizing the Negative Effects Be aware of the possible negative effects of divorce on your child, but you and your father should not need to over-dramatize this situation. Indeed divorce is not an ideal thing, nor is it expected. But the study found, being at home with parents who are forced to be together and fight a lot, is also not something that helps the child's growth and development. In the long run, this can actually have an
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